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Fun Fact: I was in choir in High School ‚Äď Tenor, I am a new dad to a little girl whom I love singing to! ūüôā

Barrett started his fitness career at a young age. He participated in football and baseball in high school and was captain of his college football team. Barrett earned a BS in Physical Education and Health in 2010 taught high school PE for just under 5 years. When lived in Milwaukee, they lived a block from a CrossFit gym. After starting up as members, Barrett quickly realized this was where he wanted to be. He left teaching and moved to Madison to open CrossFit Big Dane in June of 2014


Brandon is passionate about helping people, not just in the gym, but in all aspects of life. ‚ÄúI want to help as many people as I can better themselves to live the life they‚Äôve always wanted,‚ÄĚ he says.

Brandon participated in track and field at University of Wisconsin Madison before becoming a CrossFit coach. After a year of CrossFitting, he fell in love with the technical aspects of movement. ‚ÄúI found that I had a good eye for assessing people‚Äôs movement, and being someone that loves to teach others, coaching almost came as second nature.‚ÄĚ

Brandon has the following certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, CrossFit Sport Specific Application


I found CrossFit back in 2011 and have been doing it ever since! I have been coaching at BDC back when it was CrossFit Big Dane when I received my CF-L1 certification in 2016, and my CrossFit Kids Specialty Certification in 2018. By day, I am an Occupational Therapist and by night, I am a CrossFit Athlete, human/dog/cat mom. Personally, I enjoy all aspects of CrossFit because everyone is there to learn, better themselves, and have fun!

Andy d

I had never really done any weight lifting until about six years ago when I went with my wife (Cassie) to a bootcamp and realized how weak I was and decided to get stronger and joined a crossfit gym. I enjoy working out and especially like the Olympic lifts. My wife has now joined me in crossfit and our two boys, ages 13 and 10, often comment on us going to the gym all the time. We have one doggo who is a rescue named Penny. On the weekends we are often busy with kid activities, but enjoy the odd obstacle race, geocache hike, and backyard fire.

Andy s

I have always been active growing up, and I found CrossFit in 2018, when my girlfriend at the time encouraged me to join. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the community CrossFit offered, and the ability to compete with every workout! I received my CF-L1 certification in Summer of 2021 and started coaching shortly after. By day, I work for GE Healthcare as an Engineer in Supply Chain, and by night, I am a CrossFit athlete, husband, and dog dad to an English Bulldog. I enjoy being a part of CrossFit, as it allows me to be active in a fun and diverse environment. I have also spent the last few years volunteering at the CrossFit Games, and the energy is incredible!

Beata p

I am a functional medicine health and wellness coach. My passion is helping others find a sustainable way of eating that is nourishing and specific to their needs .


Moving to Madison in 2019, I was looking for a Crossfit community that matched my previous gym. I quickly found the same motivation, results and support at Crossfit Big Dane. After 9 years of CF experience, I received my CF-L1 in February of ‚Äė22 and I love seeing athletes give it their all every day. During the day, I run the Design group for Spectrum Brands here in Madison. I have two great kids, a lazy dog and an amazing wife! Fun Fact: I am CF Big Dane‚Äôs resident heavy-metal expert.

I was introduced into the CrossFit community shortly after joining the Air National Guard in 2011. No matter where I was in the world, the CrossFit community has brought me a close connection to friends and a sense of belonging. In 2017 I moved to Madison WI for a full time position with the 115th Fighter Wing. As I continued my commitment to CrossFit, I  finally decided to get my CF-L1 in July 2021. Shortly after that I started coaching here with Big Dane Collective. I love bringing my charismatic personality to class as a coach and member. Watching members commit to a healthy lifestyle and achieve their goals is one the best feelings for me as a coaching professional.
Fun fact: I also instruct snowboarding lessons and have a Rottweiler Sansa who takes up most of my time.

Andrew started crossfit in 2019 when a friend of his convinced him it would be great for his fitness, health and overall wellness.  He hasn’t looked back since and turned his passion for participating into coaching.  He received his CF-L1 certificate in 2022.   His favorite part of coaching is interacting with the athletes and watching them as they grow, improve and become more proficient at all the Crossfit movements.


I grew up playing basketball and riding horses, so being active has always been a major part of my life. In my mid-twenties I was getting really tired of making up my own gym routines and I started to dread the whole treadmill thing. After learning about CrossFit through a friend in 2015, I tried it. The amazing community and learning to lift heavy things in a multitude of ways really stole my heart. I earned my CF-L1 in December of 2022, and plan to continue my CF education in the years to come! Outside of the gym, I enjoy hiking/spending time outside, riding motorcycles and drinking good coffee. 


Fun fact: For the past two years I’ve worked with GOWOD Mobility when they took over Big Dane for the week of the CrossFit Games. I have been lucky to meet CrossFitters of all levels from across the globe! 

I discovered CrossFit while mobilized with my Army Reserve unit in 2012 and have been hooked ever since. As a life-long distance runner, I appreciate the strength and mobility  CrossFit adds to my overall fitness. As an extrovert, I appreciate the friendliness and community that CrossFit cultivates! After ten years of WODs I decided I wanted to share my love of CrossFit with others; I earned my CF-L1 in December of 2022 and began coaching in early 2023.  As an older athlete, my goal is to encourage and inspire our athletes to remain active and healthy as they age.

Fun fact: I am a mother of four and grandmother of one!


Fun fact: For the past two years I’ve worked with GOWOD Mobility when they took over Big Dane for the week of the CrossFit Games. I have been lucky to meet CrossFitters of all levels from across the globe!