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Madison’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Welcome to CrossFit Big Dane, Madison’s premier CrossFit facility! We truly believe that we have some of the best coaching and programming around. Sure, everyone says that, but we have the community to back it up.

At Big Dane, it’s not just about fitness or working out. It’s more about developing mental and emotional skills—one hour a day, every day, until you have built the confidence, resilience and positive mindset necessary across all other aspects of your life. Here, we’re not just fitness coaches, we’re more like life coaches. The lessons our athletes learn in our gym always seem to carry over into enhancing their day lives.

We know everyone is different, so we always do our best to accommodate athletes in all shapes and sizes. Are you ready to break out of your current comfort zone? Our gym and superb coaches will snap you out of it. With CrossFit Big Dane’s programming options, literally anyone can CrossFit. Workouts are customized for your skill level, so they are challenging, yet not too far out of reach. And you’ll have fun each time you come in.

If you’re looking for a strong community of caring, committed people, we’re sure we’ll quickly become your favorite place to WOD.

Step up to your challenges.

Ready for a whole new fitness level?

Our Facility

CrossFit Big Dane’s 15,000-square-foot facility is all about fun, inclusion—and conquering self-doubt. Work with our caring, committed coaches, who are experienced across the board. Feel the contagious positivity of our friendly, welcoming community. Know that you’ll be supported every time you step into our uber-clean box for a good WOD. Meet our people and test out our top-notch equipment, and you’ll quickly see why we’re the most popular CrossFit facility in the Madison area. We’re a competitive gym, so if you want to raise your bar, you’ve found your place with us. But don’t let our great people, equipment and competitiveness intimidate you—we’re just as passionate about our newbies, who are made up of all ages, sizes and skill levels. Want a tight-knit family that caters to all CrossFitters? Step in.

  • When I came to my first On-Ramp class and saw that we had to work with weights. I thought, there is no way I can do this, especially since I had never lifted a barbell (even when I was healthy). In these few months of CrossFit, I have feel that I have substantially grown physically and mentally as an athlete—a journey that will only have an upward trajectory going forward!

    Radhika Gosavi

  • Melissa's best piece of advice: be patient. When she first started and got super excited about all the progress she was making, she reflects that she may have been a bit overzealous in approaching Tommy to try it out. Eventually he figured it out at his own pace. Tommy's loves that is a great way to spend quality time with his wife. From either just being in the gym at the same time to even working thorough partner workouts together, it has been really fun for them.

    Melissa Benvenuto and Tommy Hannigan

  • The variety and intensity of the workouts I have been exposed to at CrossFit Big Dane has allowed me to breakthrough mental barriers and push myself harder than I previously thought was possible. The coaches at CrossFit Big Dane are a constant source of motivation and advice.

    David Aguilar