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Do you have a hard time sticking to a routine? Come see how we’ve removed all the guess work to make a program that you can stick to!

Weight Control

Lose body fat, add lean muscles and create a body that makes you happy and healthy!


Have you tried every diet and keep gaining the weight back? Find out how our in-house nutrition coach will help you stay accountable to your goals.


Do you feel lost and lonely in the gym? We’re here for you. Classes have built in socialization to go along with all that fitness.


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Benefits & Outcomes

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What our members have to say

“The coaches do a great job structuring the classes, with a focus on community. The community is extremely inviting and a mix of all abilities, genders, ages and interests.”

~ David Williamson

“I owe it to Big Dane for helping me rediscover why I love CrossFit, and fitness as a whole.  I have never been to a gym where so many levels are harmonizing so beautifully.  The support here is indescribable.”

~ Jessi Schnacky

“The Big Dane nutrition challenge has been a great tool to hold me accountable and ensure I’m properly fueling myself so I can always perform my best.  I feel awesome and can’t wait to keep pushing myself!”

~ Anna Marie


Transformation Stories

“The first pic was taken in September 2022. The other pics were taken just three months later. CrossFit has reinvigorated my love for fitness and the progress speaks for itself.

I’m not on a specific workout routine. I’m not following some strict eating plan or doing some fad diet. I simply workout consistently and try to make smart choices with what and when I eat.

Just wanna say that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the time and the effort.

A lot of work done. A lot of work left to do. “

~ Justin W

“I started CrossFit in 2018 after watching the CrossFit Games in Madison. I really fell off the bandwagon after college and I found it hard to find the motivation to get my health back in order. I signed up at Big Dane and a year later I couldn’t be happier with where things are at. The coaching and guidance at Big Dane are outstanding. “

~ Ian E