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Wednesday- Nutrition Tracking

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WOD- Wednesday 3/08/2017

Tempo Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3-3)
   -TEMPO= 32X1
For Time;
-50 Wall Balls (14/20)
-50 Double Unders/ 100 Single Unders
-15 Power Cleans (95/135)
-50 Double Unders/ 100 Single Unders
-50 Wall Balls (14/20)

Time cap= 12


Nutrition Tracking
 by: Coach Alyson

The foundation of fitness is nutrition yet it is easy to not put as much focus on it as we do on our training. Let’s be real – it’s more fun to throw down with our friends in the gym than to omit sugar from our diets. It’s easy to go with a general feeling of good nutrition, like simply trying to eat mostly paleo and calling it a day.

This is where our impressions can be deceiving. What would the evidence reveal if instead of feeling like we ate well, we actually recorded our intake for a day? Perhaps we see that an unhealthy amount of our calories came from carbs and that protein was almost nonexistent. Or maybe we see that those paleo treats took our calories way past what was needed for the day. But they felt healthy, right?

Enter MyFitnessPal. This nutrition tracking mobile app can dramatically affect the way you eat by simply telling you the truth. It can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals if you are willing to use it.

Entering in the things you eat is the easy part, you just need to get into the habit of doing so. The app has a deep database of nutritional info so searching for and finding foods is pretty straightforward. What takes more commitment is weighing and measuring your food so you can input the quantity of what you ate. Did your brain turn off when I said “weigh and measure?” Don’t stop reading! It’s not that bad!

If you are prepping meals for the week you can weigh and measure all at once while packaging them up to save yourself the work later. Also, many of us eat a lot of the same things throughout the week, especially for breakfast, which also makes nutrition tracking easier. Furthermore, once you weigh and measure for a while, you’ll get good at eyeballing quantities.

We’ll dive into more topics surrounding nutrition tracking, like what to do when you’re eating out, commitment to accuracy in your tracking, how macros fit in, and more.

For now, download the app, buy a digital scale, and ready your measuring cups. Track what you actually eat for a week and see what it reveals. Next, start thinking about what needs to change and what your goals are. As always, myself and all the CFBD coaches are here to help!


Comments: 2

  1. This has worked for me! I have never been successful ‘dieting’ or really watching what I eat but this has worked! Alyson helped me get started on My Fitness Pal about 2 months ago and I have been hooked. I just got a food scale about 2 weeks ago and that has been a game changer. You become so much more invested in what is going into your body when you track and weigh everything AND you feel so much better. Now will I still eat pizza on a Saturday night and not enter it into the app because I don’t want to feel the shame of going over my calories… yes. But it makes me more aware of those binges and I have do them way less. What I also have loved is the progression of how I have used the app. I started out just eyeballing quantities, then I used measuring cups, then i bought a scale and through all these stages it has changed the way I eat. I will say it is pretty time consuming to prep and weigh out meals and it does take away a chunk of my evenings to get everything prepared, but I have seen results so I will stick with it.


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