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Wednesday- NC: Water Challenge

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Day 24/26:  Water Challenge

Most people do not consume enough water throughout the day.  Aside from the concept of possibly being somewhat dehydrated, water consumption helps with satiety (fullness).  Commit today to drinking the minimum requirement of water throughout the day.  Consider the following strategy; as you prepare to eat your meals, take a moment and consume one serving (8oz.) of water PRIOR TO eating your meal.  

Today’s Challenge;

  • Drink at least 4 for women and 6 for men, 8oz glasses of water for the day.  

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WOD- Wednesday 11/30/2016

Snatch (2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2)
  -Hi hang + hang snatch
-40 DU/ 80 SU
-20 Alternating KB Snatch (35/50)
-20 Sit ups


Comments: 4

  1. Done! All the salty food over thanksgiving left me really dehydrated so I’m pretty sure I drank over 100 oz of water today.

    Meals were great and I definitely slept well last night!

  2. I do NOT drink enough water during the school day and I failed this challenge.
    I drink MAYBE 20 oz a day. I do have a giant cup of coffee in the morning and some green tea later in the afternoon but I guess that doesnt count.
    I drink a couple La Croix’s when with dinner and that is it.

  3. I am TERRIBLE with my water consumption…. it is a long term life goal for me.
    0/1 challenge
    3/3 meals
    0/1 sleep (homework haunting my dreams)

  4. ooh, Roads…tartiflette, raclette, fo&;de&#8230uyoun#8217;ve set my mouth watering and it’s after midnight!The Alps is perhaps not the best place for a middle-aged lardy lady like me

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