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Tuesday- Lactate Clearance Day

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WOD- Tuesday 10/10/2017

Skill Session
A. Thruster (4-4-4-4)
B. Weighted Pull-ups (4-4-4-4)
  *kipping, use a weight vest.
C. Ab Wheel Roll Out (15-15-15-15)
EMOM x 12;
1- 15s. max reps Thrusters (65/95)
2- 15s. max reps pull-ups**Thursters followed by SLOW PVC thruster recovery remainder of minute.
*Pullups followed by SLOW/light band pulldown recovery

Lactate Clearance Day

Today we will take a bit of a different approach to our conditioning session.  While intensity is the ultimate tell of progress for the future, today we will try something different.
Coach Tyler covered the concept of lactate clearance last week and you can go back and view that article HERE.  If you did not ready it last week, it is basically the act of training your body to recover from high intensity work while active (relatively).
The approach that we will take is to alternate between very short durations of super high intensity, followed immediately by a slightly longer duration of very low intensity and loading.  All while moving the whole time.
You’re going to feel the ‘burn’ today.  That’s ok, not to panic this is expected.  You should embrace this as this is part of the process of becoming more efficient at recovering from high intensity work.