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Tuesday- Create an Emergency Snack Pack

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Day 23/26:   Create an emergency snack pack.

Having a backup plan is one of the most key concepts to being successful with longterm healthy habits.  Sometimes things don’t go to plan, you forget your lunch, get stuck somewhere etc.  Having a backup snack or meal ensures that you are able to stick to your healthy eating habits.

Hunger can strike anytime and often it’s when we don’t have a healthy snack in mind. To ensure better eating throughout the day, create an emergency snack pack and store it at work, in your car, in your bag, or in your purse. Fill it with foods that will provide you with fiber, protein, and fat.

Today’s Challenge;

  • Create an emergency snack pack and store it at work, in your car, in your bag, or in your purse.  
  • Post your emergency snack to comments.  




WOD- Tuesday 11/29/2016

Push Jerk (2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2)
4 Rounds For Time;
-15 Ring Dips/ 20 HRPUs
-15 Wall Balls (14/20)

Time cap= 11


Comments: 6

  1. Raw almonds, raw walnuts, dried bananas/apricots. One pound each means this lasts a long time. A few Lara bars tucked away for when it’ll be longer without eating.

  2. I keep a Larabar in my car and some mixed nuts in my desk a work. I usually have some nuts or dried fruit in my backpack for school 🙂

  3. I have a drawer at work that always has mixed nuts. I bring a couple pieces of fruit every day usually apple and orange or banana to snack on when I get hangry.

  4. Meals-3/3
    Challenge- ? : I always seem to have carrots in the fridge ready to go. I take them to school when I think I’ll need them. If not, I come back to my apartment just to bring them with me if I start feeling hungry.

  5. Meal 2/3
    I keep a lot of fruit handy, an apple, an orange, banana, grapes. I know fruit isn’t ideal but it does satisfy my sweet tooth which is usually what I am craving for a snack. I have a hard time with nuts and trail mixes because I end up overeating them…
    I can also eat a yellow or orange pepper like an apple so that’s a choice snack as well.

  6. I really enjoy ONE protein bars. Most recently I had the mint flavor and it satisfied my sweet tooth. Otherwise we also have fruit for a quick snack between meals.

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