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Tuesday- Athlete of the Month!

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WOD- Tuesday 10/03/2017

Skill Session
A. Thruster (6-6-6-6)
B. Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (5-5-5-5)
C. Ab Wheel Roll Out (12-12-12-12)
For Time;
-40 Thrusters (65/95)
-40 Pullups
-40 Sit ups
-20 Thrusters (65/95)
-20 Pullups
-20 Sit-ups
-10 Thrusters (65/95)
-10 Pullups
-10 Sit upsTime cap: 15


Athlete of the Month: Alexa Martin

Hometown: Acton, MA
Age: 24
Occupation: RN at UW Health
Status: Single, unless you count my committed relationship with coffee
1. What brought you to Crossfit/ Big Dane?
I started CrossFit in 2015 at CrossFit CLE in Cleveland. I joined initially because I had become really frustrated with the strength and mobility I had lost after having four major knee/ankle surgeries in a four year period. I found I couldn’t get motivated much beyond the elliptical at a regular gym and wasn’t making any tangible progress. I had heard rumors that CrossFit was a great way to mix up a dull routine, so I joined on a whim and stuck with it. When I moved to Madison in July of this year, my first priority after unloading all my stuff was to find a new gym– And that’s how I ended up at Big Dane!
2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?
Like almost everyone, I found CrossFit incredibly intimidating at first. I’ve never considered myself an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. The idea of learning so many different movements and skills was overwhelming. However, after a few months I started really looking forward to afternoon WODs. And, I discovered that the gym friends I had made were a great motivator to keep showing up. You come for the workout, but you stay for the camaraderie! Especially with being new to town, WODs are often the highlight of my day as they’re a great way to meet new people.
3. What are you most proud of?
I think I’m most proud of the few times I’ve Rx’d workouts. It took me a solid year and a half before I was able to complete a workout as prescribed, but when I did it was an awesome feeling!
4. What’s your next goal?
My next big goal is to be able to do a pull-up. I’m still way far off from that point, but it’s nice to have something to strive for. I’m also still working on how to do double unders and not hit myself repeatedly with the jump rope.
5. What’s your favorite Big Dane memory?
I love Party in the Park! There is no better way to start a weekend then getting a good workout in and enjoying the summer sunshine. Plus, the games (tic-tac-toe, tag) are always full of good laughs.