CrossFit Visitor


CrossFit Big Dane would love to have you come WOD with us during your trip to Madison. We have a variety of drop in packages available to ensure that you can get your WODs in while on the road, ranging from a single class to a 10-class punch card. All classes purchased are valid for any class or open gym time from July 24th through August 7th, 2017.


Visiting Madison for the CrossFit Games, but feeling beat up by all the travel? Are you a Games athlete looking for massage and bodywork so you can perform at your best? IntegrationBodywork specializes in working with CrossFit athletes, because we’re CrossFitters, too. You won’t get a funny look when you mention burpees, just a knowing smile and nod, and the best therapeutic massage and bodywork in Madison. If you want to enjoy your CrossFit Games experience a little (or a lot) more, book your session now!

What You Can Do To Make Life Easier (For Both of Us):


  • Fill out the waiver and pay ahead of time. When you purchase either a single drop in or punch card through the links above. Wodify will prompt you to both pay and fill out the waiver ahead of time. Doing this will help us all keep sane during this incredibly busy week. Thanks for you help with this.
  • Sign up for class times. We understand that your home gym may not require you to sign up for classes ahead of time, but we do. We have an amazing community, great coaching and program, but a small footprint when it comes to workout space.
  • Show up early! Welcome to the Midwest! You’re not in SoCal anymore. We start on time and we finish on time- no matter what. So be here on time/early so you get the full 60 minutes of instruction.
  • Class punches can be used for EITHER classes or open gym time. Yes, they cost the same. When you purchase a single drop in or multiple sessions with a punch card, you are welcome to use 1 of those punches for either a class or open gym time.
  • Classes have a hard cap. Like we mentioned above, our usable WOD space may be a bit small compared to what you are used to at home. We’re really good about organizing the space and creating WODs that fit perfectly. However, after a certain point we literally cannot hold more athletes in the gym. This is why we have class caps and they are hard caps- please understand this is for your own safety and to ensure you get quality instruction.
  • No Open Gym while classes are going on. Like mentioned above, we just don’t have the space to have a class going on and have athletes doing their own thing at the same time. We want you to come do our own thing if that’s what you want, just not during class times. We have designated open gym times.
  • We will have lots of sweet CFBD Wisconsin gear available for purchase. We have created lots of fresh and new CFBD and Wisconsin inspired designs for this Games. Feel free to browse and try things on and we hope you enjoy them as much as our members do!

We will be offering a special expanded schedule surrounding the week of the Games. While this may be subject to minor change, view the special schedule below:

**Please note the difference in schedule from week to week.

Simply fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss your visit. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at CrossFit Big Dane. We look forward to meeting you!

- Team Big Dane