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Thursday- NC: Add more Protein to Your Diet

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Day 25/26:  Add More Protein to Your Diet

Did you know that protein consumption creates more of a feeling of satiety (fullness)?  Increasing protein intake also really helps with recovery (obvious) as well as assisting with your metabolism.  

Today’s nutrition challenge idea is simply eating more protein.  By supplementing your diet with protein powder you will feel fuller longer. Commit to taking a 1/2 portion protein shake with each of your meals for the day. To get this done easily, just pre-pack your protein powder by putting a half scoop into 2-3 ziplock bags for your meals while at work.  Here are some articles for your reference:


  1. Why Unflavored Protein Powder is a great choice…
  2. Top Organic and Vegan Protein Powders…
  3. Why Protein keep you feeling full…

Today’s Challenge;

  • Consume at least ½ portion of a protein shake with each of your meals for the day.

Post to comments on how it went.


WOD- Thursday 12/01/2016

With a Partner

-30 D-ball GTS (50/75)
-30 Burpees
-60 Reverse Lunges (35/50)

20 minutes of guided mobility and yoga based exercises focused on relaxation and improvement of range of motion


Comments: 1

  1. I did not do this challenge as I do not have protein powder. However, I increased the bacon and eggs for breakfast to increase protein intake.
    Also, still working on the water intake….
    1/1 sleep – took a melatonin

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