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Saturday- Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Nutrition Challenge

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Take a Moment to Reflect

Great work everyone!  You have done it!  You made it throughout the nutrition challenge in 1 piece.  I am really proud of your efforts and for embracing the challenge as well as you did.  As you have finished up the 30 days of clean eating there is just one more simple challenge.

  • Take a moment to reflect on your last 30 days of nutritional habits.
    • What did you like about the challenge?
    • What did you NOT like?
    • How could you have changed things in the future to be more successful?
    • Share at least 1 bright spot from the challenge.

WOD- Saturday 12/02/2016


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  1. Reminding myself that this was a challenge was good. I’m the type of person that says “No you can’t have that” then overindulge in that thing.
    We already eat well but I didn’t realise how much I love condiments! Seeing what goes in to them was a good reminder if why they should be monitored.
    I also learned that coffee is not an appropriate breakfast 😉

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