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Monday- NC: Keep a Journal for Food THOUGHTS

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Day 22/26:   Keep a journal for food THOUGHTS.

I have found over the years from thoughtful reflection that I am an emotional eater at times.  I was only really able to figure this out through reflection and journaling.  For me, I can eat super healthy during the day with ease, but at the end of a long stressful day I often crave (often unhealthy) comfort foods.  

By identifying my emotional eating habits I have been able to come up with a plan with cravings strike.  I know now when I get home late that if I have a pre-made healthy meal waiting for me I am much more likely to stick to the plan.  Today you will keep a food thought journal to help with similar emotions and feelings that relate to eating.  

Why You Should Keep A Journal

Unlike other food journals, this one is less about how much you eat and more about why you eat. Write down food thoughts that occur throughout the day and see if you can learn anything about your current food habits through this practice.

Today’s Challenge:

  • Keep a journal of food thoughts for the day.  This does not have to be anything fancy, a simple scratch piece of paper will do.  Write down your thoughts and emotions on eating throughout the day and reflect on those thoughts at the end of the day after you have eaten (try to reflect logically).  

Post to comments with some thoughts you can share.


WOD- Monday 11/28/2016

Back Squat (5-5-5)
  -Use last week’s 5RM weight for all 3 sets.
Every 3 minutes x 4 Sets
-15 Thrusters (65/95)
-10 (CTB) Pullups/ 15 ring rows
-30 DU/ 60 SU
*Goal is to complete the prescribed work as quickly as possible and rest the remainder of the 3 minutes.  Duration should be between 1-2 minutes each time.


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  1. Meals 3/3
    Sleep -0 (not sleeping well due to homework haunting my dreams)
    challenge – Lately, I have been craving snickers bars… it happened three times today. I didn’t give in, but I can’t wait LOL

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