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Monday: Next Cycle Starts Today (Overview Included)

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WOD- Monday 12/04/2017

Clean complex; (6-6-6-6-6-6)
  -3 TnG Power Cleans + 3 FS
4 Rounds For Time;
-7 Hang Squat Cleans (95/135)
-14 pushups
-21 KB Swings (50/70)Time cap: 12


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday

-Clean complex
(Powers + FS)



-DB shoulder press
-Strict pullups (CTB)






-BO Rows
-Wtd. pushups


Main Notes;
1. This month’s strength will focus on pulling from the floor.  You all worked very hard on exercises that supplement this skill last month (RDLs, Goodmornings, bent over rows) now its time to harvest that great effort.  We will build to a new max lift in both the clean complex and the deadlift.
2. Tuesday and Friday skill days will be a trip back to the basics.  We worked a lot of kipping movements in the last cycle and while holding the skill is important, you cannot overlook the raw strength component needed for gymnastics exercises like; pull-ups, T2B, muscle-ups and more.
3. L-Sits!  Greg Glassman wrote a CF Journal article years ago that was titled simply; “3 Important Ab Exercises.”  It was a simple rundown on his assertion of the 3 most important direct abdominal exercises and within those 3 the most important was that of the L-Sit.  We MUST get better at the L-Sit. And when you do you will find an amazing carry over effect to ALL other movements from heavy back squats to kipping pull-ups.
Mondays–  make sure your front rack is in good shape on Mondays.  If this is an issue for you, be sure to get in early and work on some extra mobility, see a coach if needed.   You need to squat with solid mechanics on this day as well, so work on those ankles and hips as well.
Post– we will assign different post exercises daily, but should you find you have some extra time I HIGHLY recommend working in some extra time in the L-Sit.
Wednesdays– getting into a good set up position is crucial for the deadift.  You’ll need to work on your range of motion at the hips if you a generally tight.  For some, making sure the hamstrings are both ‘loose’ as well as very warm will help a lot.  If you it a lot for whatever reason, try working on your upper quads/hip flexors before instead.  You’ll be surprised how much tight hip flexors can wreak havoc on your ability to set you midline in a safe and ideal position.


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WOD- Saturday 12/02/2017


Skill Session
A. Pullup Complex: (build to max reps set)
  -Strict Pullups + Kipping Pullups
B. Nose to Wall Handstand Hold (4 x 30-45 seconds)
C. Box Step Ups (8-8-8-8 each)
With a Partner!

-30 Burpees over your partner*
-60 KB Swings (35/50)
-60 KB Reverse Lunges (35/50)

*2nd partner holds plank on forearms while 1st partner does burpees

Friday: Athlete of the Month!!!

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WOD- Friday 12/01/2017


Skill Session
A. Pistols (6-6-6-6)
  -Low reps this week!  Add weight if possible.
B. Muscle-ups (3-3-3-3)
C. KB/DB Strict Press (12-12-12)
For Max Reps;
-1 minute: DB STOH (35/50s)
-1 minute: Muscle ups/ Kipping pullups
-1 minute: Pistols/ 30-30/ air squats
-2 minutes: DB STOH (35/50)
-2 minutes: muscle ups/ kipping pullups
-2 minutes: Pistols/ 60-60/ air squats


This month’s shout out has to go to Megan Gour for her amazing progress these past few months.  Megan has really taken her life back through a more balanced focus on fitness and nutrition AND IT SHOWS!!!  As you can see, the transformation she has experienced is incredible and we’re just getting started!

Looking good Megan, keep at it.


Hometown: Commerce Michigan (Go Lions!)
Age: 27
Occupation: Social Worker
Married, Single, Looking?!?: Married

  1. What brought you to CrossFit/ Big Dane?

    I go to school with Paige and she kept talking about this awesome gym that she went to. I knew I needed to get back to working out to help with some anxiety issues I was having but I was always so nervous about joining a gym. Finally Paige broke me down and got me to my first on ramp class, and I have been hooked ever since.

  1. What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

    My first impression was that I would never fit it. That the gym was full of super fit, in shape people who would probably turn out to be jerks. I was wrong! I quickly learned that it was full of awesome people who were not jerks at all. It was nice to see so many people at different fitness levels, and to feel like I belonged right away. Everyone at Big Dane has been so welcoming and encouraging!

  1. What are you most proud of?

    I am most proud of completing my first ever Murph in under an hour in May. After losing my brother who served in the Army it was a very emotional day, but it was an honor to be able to complete such an intense workout in his honor.

  1. What’s your next goal?

    To be able to do a kipping pull up without a band.

  1. What’s your favorite Big Dane memory?

    Competing in the open last year has been my favorite memory. I had only been coming to Big Dane for a month, and it was really intimidating but so much fun. The atmosphere that the open creates with everyone in the gym cheering each other on, and doing workouts that people never thought they could do was so great. Cant wait for the next one!


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WOD- Wednesday 11/30/2017


Bent Over Row (10-10-10-10-10)
-Build to a new 10RM


2 Sets;
-10 deadlifts
-5 front squats (watch clean)

5 Rounds for time;
-10 Deadlifts (95/135)
-5 Front Squats (95/135)
-10 burpees over barTime cap: 13

R+ (105/165)



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WOD- Tuesday 11/28/2017


Skill Session
A. Row/Airdyne: 10/12 Calories (Time)
B. Pullup Complex: (-build to max reps set)
  -Strict Pullups + Kipping Pullups
C. Weighted Pushups (6-6-6)
-30 Cal Row/ AD x 40
-15 pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes

-30 Air squats
-15 pushups


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WOD- Monday 11/27/2017


Back Squat (5-3-1-1-1-1-1)
In 20 Minutes;
-bar x 10
-25% x 10
-50% x 5-10
-60% x 5
-75% x 5
-85% x 3
-95% x 1
-100% x 1

2 Sets;
-5 Wall Balls
-10 DUs

-15 Wall Balls (20/30)
-30 Double Unders/ 90 Single Unders


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WOD- Saturday 11/25/2017


Skill Session
A. Wall Balls (10-10-10)
B. Kettlebell Swing (10-10-10)
C. Dumbbell Snatch (10-10-10)
With a Partner!

For time;
-100 KB Swings (50/70)
-100 burpees
-100 Wall Balls (14/20)
-100 burpees
-100 DB Snatch (35/50)

Time cap: 28