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Wednesday: 4/17/19

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Metcon (Time)
For Time;
-Run 400M
-3 Rounds Strict “Cindy”
-Row 500M
-3 Rounds Strict “Cindy”
-Bike 0.50 mile
-3 Rounds Strict “Cindy”

R+ (5 Rds of S.Cindy)
Cap: 20

-5 Strict Pullups
-10 Pushups
-15 Air Squats


1. Nose to Wall Handstand Hold (-Accumulate 2 minutes)
-Break up however you want, rest as needed.
-Then practice freestanding handstands for 2 minutes.

2. Sandbag Carry (200-200M)
Hold bag in front of your body/front rack position.

-Grab a heavy bag and go at it, ok to break it up/take breaks, just keep moving.
3. 1-Mile Run (Time)
Max Effort 1-Mile Run

-Probably will be more of a jog, get some good aerobic work in.