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Bad Days are OK

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Bad Days are OK
 By: Coach Alyson


Have you ever skipped going to the gym because you thought your performance wasn’t going to be very good? If conditions aren’t perfect for hitting a PR or demolishing a metcon, why bother, right? Wrong!


I know I’ve thought to myself, “I barely slept last night, I am going to suck at working out today.” Or, “my stomach is just not feeling quite right today – how will I possibly be able to do burpees?” And, “I’m so freaking sore I don’t think I can even survive the warm-up.”


In a perfect world, we are always well-rested, our nutrition is on-point and and our mind is like water. This isn’t a perfect world. We aren’t going to be 100% every day and that’s ok. What’s important is showing up anyway and giving 100% of whatever you have to give.


Training on a day you are feeling a little off can be an opportunity to learn something about yourself. You may find you are more resilient that you gave yourself credit for and exceed your expectations. On the other hand, you may cultivate your ability to be kind to yourself when you don’t meet your expectations. This is an important part of your mental game and is applicable to your life beyond the gym.


When I get tempted to skip a workout, I remind myself that I always regret not going and NEVER regret showing up.