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Athlete of the Month: August!

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Hometown: Portage, WI
Age: 30
Occupation: Project Manager – specialties include Cyber Security, Finance, and Renewable Energy.
Married, Single, Looking?!?: Married!


  1. What brought you to CrossFit/ Big Dane?

    I was a few months away from my wedding and was seriously looking to firm up my physique. The regular gym routine was definitely not cutting it and I came to the point of realizing I needed some assistance and coaching to help me meet my fitness goals. Upon doing some research and talking to a few people Crossfit seemed like the best way to get fit and join a community that helped me stay accountable for managing my fitness.


  1. What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

    I think like most people my first impression was one of slight intimidation, muscle aches, and feeling overwhelmed trying to comprehend how I am going to get from where I started during On Ramp to being able to do olympic lifts and gymnastic movements. However, that changed very quickly. Slowly but surely the great coaches at CFBD were able to give me tips and pointers to help me improve my technique and gain confidence in myself. The community at CFBD also makes every person who walks through that door feel just as welcomed and supported as anyone – it’s so great knowing that even if its a particularly difficulty Metcon you’re going to have your gym fam cheering you to the finish line. Today the gym has become such an integral part of my life and is literally one of the things I look most forward to after a long day.


  1. What are you most proud of?

    This is tough, I am going to have to chalk this one up to a tie between hitting my first true squat snatch and pulling off a muscle up. Both were very challenging and took a lot of patience and attempts to land. One of the most amazing things about this sport is the feeling of success after failing at something a thousand times.


  1. What’s your next goal?

    My next goal is to master stringing together butterfly kipping pullups. I learned a lot at the clinic (and have the torn up hands to prove it…) so now its a matter of practice and putting it together.


  1. What’s your favorite Big Dane memory?

    I would say that participating in The Open was the best memory. Being part of Heart and Swole and competing with everyone at those insane workouts was surreal. It definitely epitomized the concept of pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go. Following that with beers and fun with your squad can’t be beat.