CrossFit Visitor


CrossFit Big Dane would love to have you come WOD with us during your trip to Madison.  We have a variety of drop-in packages available to ensure you can get your WODs in while on the road.

Drop-in Rates:

-Single Drop-in: $20

-Week of Drop-ins: $60

-Drop-in + T-Shirt: $35 Cash Deal!

General Notes & Logistics


✔  Drop-in: There is no online method of purchasing a single drop-in. Just show up, we'll have room and a team ready to help you fill our a waver and pay.

✔  Drop-in purchases: can be used for EITHER classes or open gym time.

✔  Show up early! Remember that it takes some time to get you all set up AND you're probably not going to be the only one walking in, so please get here with plenty of time to spare before the class start time. We have a large amenity and outdoor are where you can hang out before and after classes.

✔  Open Gym Policies: We've got the space for EVERYONE!!! With 15k total square feet we're really pumped to play host again this year. But we have a couple of rules:

  • Classes have first right to BOTH space and equipment.
  • That being said, if there is room, you're more than welcome to drop-in/use all of your Drop-in purchases for open gym.
  • We have specifically allocated time for open gym, BUT...
  • Open gym drop-ins are welcome during classes with the above considerations.


Apparel: We will have lots of sweet CFBD Wisconsin gear available for purchase. We have created lots of fresh and new CFBD and Wisconsin inspired designs for this Games. Feel free to browse and try things on and we hope you enjoy them as much as our members do! All T-shirt purchases will be $25.