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Big Dane Collective Nutrition Program

Thank you for you interest in the Big Dane Collective Nutrition Program.
Our program provides individual nutrition counseling for all levels of health and Fitness. I have been working closely with CrossFit Health for the past year with a focus on the use of Nutrition and High Intensity Exercise to cure chronic Disease . As you may know a proper diet can not only help you to shed a few extra pounds, decrease your blood sugars, blood pressure, and lipid levels but it also can drastically increase your performance in the gym.
It can be hard navigating the nutrition world by yourself. Which diet is the best diet? Who should you listen to? Everyone seems to have their own opinion. Here at Big Dane Collective, we firmly believe that not one diet is right for everyone and individualized nutrition planning is the best approach. That is why we are offering one-on-one coaching to members of the Big Dane Collective and the General Public.
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Dr. Matthew Cowling , DO, CFMD-L1
Big Dane Collective Nutrition Coach

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