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Habits of People Who Love to Workout

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Habits of People Who Love to Workout
By: Coach Brandon


  1. Learn to Love exercise

You probably know some of these people, the ones who pop out of bed to go for a morning run or those who take their bikes to work every morning no matter the season or weather. They prepare the night before and have their gym bag in hand leaving work to head straight to the gym. You may think they’re crazy but they don’t second guess their decisions, they’ve formed a habit of working out and without it they feel incomplete with the day. You too can teach yourself how to love exercise by mimicking their actions and getting into the workout groove.


  1. Chase results not looks

Learn to thrive on feedback and results rather than looks. Those who chase looks often get burned out because the end goal is so far away. Setting short term goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated as you exceed your goals. These can be monthly or even weekly goals as easy as writing down I will make to the gym 3 times this week.


  1. Exercise with Friends

There is no better place to be than a crossfit gym to workout with awesome like minded people. The community in a crossfit gym is what makes working out so much fun. People are there to hold you accountable, coaches to keep you safe and workouts that keep you running back for more, even if it left you flat on your back.


  1. Take it to nature

Get outside and apply the fitness that you have worked so hard for. Not everyday has to be spent with a barbell in hand. Especially in the summer months here in the midwest, we are stuck inside enough in the winter. Madison is the perfect city to get out and go for bikes and runs on the endless bike trails and parks. The outdoors makes you feel alive, and when you feel great you’re going to crave working out again.


  1. Let setbacks slide

Sometimes life gets in the way, having wiggle room will help to keep your sanity and maintain a regular exercise routine. Create a maximum and minimum number of days that you want to  exercise in a week. That way, if you miss one day, you don’t feel like you’ve let yourself down. Everyday leaves you with a fresh start.


  1. Tunes

Crank up the tunes! Music is a great motivator to get up and going or to push yourself that extra mile. Compile a playlist of your favorite music and get inspired to sweat.


  1. Reward Yourself

Having fun with your fitness is the name of the game. Reward yourself at the end of the week with your favorite treat, or by treating yourself to a nice meal,  if you crossed off your weekly goals. This will not only hold yourself accountable but keep you excited about your fitness journey.  


We all have to potential to be the person who loves to workout and incorporates it into our daily schedules. The most important thing to remember to stay fit for life is to have fun and surround yourself with people that will challenge you to be the best version of yourself!